Jupiter Scope

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On an exceptionaly clear spring night, the citizens of Green Hill were treated to one of the most spectacular meteor showers in recent history. Sadly, revelry quickly turned to panic as larger and larger meteors began making it through the atmosphere, crashing into nearby farmland. As a precaution, the Mayor ordered all rocket pilots to scramble into action and defend the city from the wayward projectiles. But before they could launch their ships, a wave of flying saucers swooped in and wiped out the airbase, destroying all but one rocket. It quickly became clear that this was no ordinary meteor shower... this was an attack!

Piloting the last mighty defense rocket, you must protect the city from total devastation!

Jupiter Scope was created in 3 weeks as part of the Action 52 Owns! collaboration, where 52 indie developers set out to create new and improved versions of the somewhat infamous Action 52 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

created by Ryan Kamins
music by Chris Nadolski

version 1.0 released 5.25.10