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Enraged Rocket House [ download 3.7mb ]

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Enraged Rocket House is the story of the ancient and violent rivalry between Ice Cream Men and Rocket Houses. ERH depicts the endless struggle between Man and Rocket Houses everywhere, fueled by the rage of decades of warfare. Protected only by the walls of his trusty delivery truck, the Ice Cream Man looks to deliver his delicious treats to children everywhere. His job is wrought with peril, a life of constant fear and narrow escapes from the jaws of the murderous Rocket House.

How long can he continue to provide the neighborhood children with the delicious, sugary treats they so crave? Will the Rocket House ever abandon this fruitless, downward spiral of rage and hostility?

The answers to these questions and quite possibly the future of human/house relationships everywhere lies in your hands!

Enraged Rocket House was made for the the Tigsource Video Game Name Generator competition

created by Ryan Kamins
music by Chris Nadolski

version 1.0 released 3.24.08